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      I found something that hit me at my core.  Years ago I did a paper for a presentation on Victoria Woodhull in 2008 when Hillary was running for president.  We had to do something different on a topic no one would know about. So I did research on the first woman to run for president and I found Victoria ran in 1872.    “Victoria California Claflin was born September 23, 1838 in Homer, Ohio, to a down-on-its-luck family.   She was only 15 years old when she married for the first time to Canning Woodhull.    She was one of the most famous people in the country.  She advocated for the 8 hour work day, graduated income tax, social welfare programs and profit sharing.  Victoria was nominated for the U.S. presidency by the Equal Rights Party.  Her candidacy attracted an unusual coalition of people which included laborers, female suffragists, Spiritualists and communists among others.  The members of the coalition represented diverse and often conflicting opinions.  The one thing that they all agreed upon was that the government needed reform.  They wanted a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.  They wanted a government with principles.  Not only did the Equal Rights Party nominate the first female presidential candidate, they were also the first to nominate a Black man Frederick Douglass, for Vice President.”  Frederick Douglass was an abolitionist, he fought for the right for women to vote and he saw the deep contradictions of race that are still plaguing this country today.   (Who is Victoria Woodhull)

       When Jill Stein announced Ajamu Baraka, a Human Rights Activist, as her Vice President I screamed because I know him and could not believe it. It also reminded me of the only other woman who had the nerve in her era to do the same thing Victoria Woodhull and they are still fighting the same fight in 2016. This is so symbolic and sad at the same time, however I am still excited because unlike in Victoria's Era we are in the age of Aquarius where we are working with people of all races & nationalities  and orientations like Victoria who are coming together and saying "he ain't heavy, he's my brother."   

 Victoria said, “All well-informed persons, know that the people have nothing to do with present legislation; know that it is capital--wealth--in one form or another, that controls not only the law-making, but the law-executing power, as well. The people no longer require rings, lobbies and cliques to attend to their business, and in adopting the referendum as one of the demanded reforms they propose to wipe them out of existence."  (Victoria Woodhull Speaks Across the Centuries)  

Before Bill  Clinton left office all the of Southern States were under Federal Rule because  they did not know how to treat their Afrikan American citizenry.  When Bill Clinton left office he gave all those southern states their states rights back.  Those state legislators were working  with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and now could now create new legislation like defunding the public schools all over the country in Afrikan American and Latino communities.   The Stand Your Ground Law was created so they could legally kill Blace people and be home for dinner.  Relaxing Regulations on Fracking and other Environmental Assaults.  They created very stringent Voter ID Laws affecting people of color all through the South the rest of the country and in 2009 the ZERO  Tolerance for schools as a result of Columbine which they used as the School to Prison Pipeline.   ALEC was founded in 1973 in Chicago as the "Conservative Caucus of State Legislators", a project initiated by Mark Rhoads, an Illinois state house staffer, to counter the Environmental Protection Agencywage and price controls, and the defeat of Barry Goldwater in the1964 presidential election.[18][19] Conservative legislators felt the word "conservative" was unpopular with the public at the time, however, so the organization was renamed as the American Legislative Exchange Council.[18] In 1975, with the support of the American Conservative Union, ALEC registered as a federal nonprofit agency.[20][21] Bill Moyers and Greenpeace have attributed the establishment of ALEC to the influential Powell Memorandum, which led to the rise of a new business activist movement in the 1970s.[22][23]

"A new educational system in which all children born shall have the same advantage of physical, industrial, mental and moral culture, and thus be equally prepared at maturity to enter upon active, responsible and useful lives. . . . In so doing, it strikes a fatal blow at . . . the most demoralizing of all monopolies. . . educational superiority." Our public education system leaves our children ill-equipped to cope with modern work-life and doesn't help those with social problems at home or in school. Our educational system needs a complete overhaul to help every child reach his or her full potential. We should have free college education for those who could otherwise not afford to go. Education is our nation's greatest defense against poverty.  Victoria Woodhull 


In Georgia a would you believe in this day and age a 5 and 7 year old were taken out of class for a temper tantrum and having a seizure, taken to the police station, finger printed, had a mugshot taken and were put in a jail cell.  Those children were put in the system and their parents were not called.  They sat in a jail cell until there parents went looking for them at the school.  Here in the Philadelphia School District until our Police Commissioner stopped it, the teachers were calling the police on our children for: failure to participate in class/unpreparedness, truancy/excessive tardiness/cutting class, dress code violation, possession of beeper/pager/cell phones/other electronic devices, failure to carry hall pass/appropriate ID/verbal altercations.  Our police commissioner in the Spring of 2014 sent them a letter with a New Directive, not to call the police for the above issues  because they were class management issues.  How can our children learn in an environment where 75-80% of the teachers in this country are white and a lot of them are fearful of our children and are actively participating in the School to prison pipeline in 2016?

Revitalize Public Education Green Party Platform

  • Equalize School Funding with Federal Revenue Sharing: 
  • Class Size Reduction: 
  • Preschool Programs: 
  • After School Programs: 
  • Children's Health: 
  • Improve Teacher Training and Pay:
  • Multicultural Teaching Staffs: 
  • Tuition-Free Higher Education: 
  • Oppose the Privatization of Public Schools: 
    • No School Vouchers: No school vouchers from public budgets for private schools.
    • No For-Profit or Religious Charter Schools: Seachers, and segregated student bodies.
    • No Commercialization: 
    • No High-Stakes Testing: 
  • Curriculum for a Multicultural Participatory Democracy: 
  • Support Bilingual Education: 

"A complete reform in Executive and Departmental conduct, by which the President and the Secretaries of the United States, and the Governors and State officers, shall be forced to recognize that they are the servants of the people, appointed to attend to the business of the people, and not for the purpose of perpetuating their official positions, or of securing the plunder of public trusts for the enrichment of their political adherents and supporters."  Victoria Woodhull

ALEC was co-founded by conservative activist Paul Weyrich, who also co-founded the Heritage Foundation.[17][18] Henry Hyde, who later became a U.S. congressman, and Lou Barnett, who later became national political director of Ronald Reagan's Political Action Committee, also helped to found ALEC.[1] Early members included a number of state and local politicians who went on to statewide office, including Bob KastenTommy Thompson, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, John Engler of Michigan, Terry Branstad of Iowa, Mitch Daniels of Indiana, and John Boehner and John Kasich of Ohio.[1][24] Several members of Congress also were involved in the organization during its early years, including Rep. Jack Kemp of New York, Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Sen. James L. Buckley of New York, Rep. Phil Craneof Illinois, and Rep Eric Cantor of Virginia.[1][24][25]

Economic Democracy Green Platform

  • Eliminate Corporate Personhood:
  • End Corporate Limited Liability: 
  • Federal Chartering of Interstate Corporations
  • Periodic Review of Corporate Charters:  
  • Democratic Production: 
  • Workplace Democracy: 
  • Worker Control of Worker Assets-Pension Funds and ESOP Shares: 
  • Democratic Conversion of Big Business: 
  • Democratic Conversion of Small and Medium Business: 
  • Democratic Banking: 
  • Democratize Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve System:

A complete reform in our system of internal improvements, which connect and bind together the several states in a commercial unity, to the end that they shall be conducted as to administer to the best interests of the whole people...." We can't forget our infrastructure. The government needs to keep up with the times and recognize the ubiquitousness of electricity and computers in our lives. We have a shortage of power transmission plants, and the government doesn't recognize the commercial and social implications of the problem. We also need to improve our system of public transportation, since the roads are too congested. Besides, cars, which are a primary method of transportation to work, are unaffordable for many poor people who want to work”

I refer everyone to the GREEN Platform it is the radical reform the American populous in rebellion is looking for and if elected will move forth with.  You have to read the Platform to see how these two women are so much alike and their views although over 100 years apart the issues are still the same and it is time to change and only we as a people can make that change.

Forgive me I got carried but can you believe that today in 2016 we are still fighting the same fight.  Except today I am more excited because for the first time since 1787 when the anti-tory mob filled with  Patriots under Captain Daniel Shay had raised hell in Massachusetts for five months because they wanted democracy.  Because democracy wasn’t there when the constitution was created.  It was because of these Patriots the writers put the Bill of Rights into the constitution.  James Madison called them “malcontents”  and he said, of the Bill of Rights “their wicked measures” will be sheltered under the Constitution.”  And today in 2016 the same people the capitalists or right wing corporatists who really run this country undercover have effectively damn near gotten rid of those “Wicked Measures =the Bill of Rights.

Our country is in dire need of a restructuring of our political system.   There is a need to clean out Washington from the ground up.  We need to put the laws back in play that protect the people from the corporate puppeteers.  They cannot stand as long as we do.  Bernie or Bust, Bernicrats, Dump the Dems, Democrats who left when Hillary was Nominated, the 3 million millennials who support the Green Party they are there we have the numbers and we can win.  The Green Platform is not to different from what Bernie or Victoria Woodhull tried to do so many years ago. The timing could not be more perfect. When Bernie Sanders was forced to endorse Hillary, within 24 hours Jill Stein had received $84,000.  Once we seen Bernie endorse her at the Democratic Convention to get Jill on the ballot in 9 states by August 1st, in each state we only needed five thousand signatures.  Jill got 15 thousand signatures in a week in each of those states she went over the amount needed.  Bernie Sanders saw something the establishment people did not see nor to be honest they were not even looking.  They did not see people hurting and they did not hear their pain.

   There are people right here in Penna. who have no running water in their homes and have not had running water since 2005. The reason is because the fracking which Hillary has been selling all over the world and it has destroyed their wells beyond usage.  They have written, called, created videos and begged for help from both parties and no one answered the call. In fact since 2010 until now Western Pa. has turned into an industrial contaminated wasteland. They have lost 13,000 jobs since 2010.  And for the first time in 40 years our state went red for Trump during the primaries.   My ex-husband just came back from North Carolina and he told me just like up here the wells down there are also contaminated, Ashville and Kinston, N.C., West Va., Mississippi and Arkansas their water is also contaminated. To give you an example of what is in the water, does anyone remember the movie Erin Brockavich?   Do you remember the chemical that poisoned the water?  When they frack they do not care that those chemicals go into the aquifers aka your ground water. 

   It was chromium 3, the oil and gas people are not only putting chromium 3 into the fracking fluid they are using the whole family of chromium in addition to other very toxic, cancer causing chemicals into the Fracking fluid mixing with the water system.   Those chemicals are so strong they ate through a truck driver’s steel boots, through his socks through his feet into his bloodstream.  He cannot be told what the chemicals are doing to his body, because the status quo (the oil and gas companies) you are voting for made the doctors sign a non-disclosure agreement not to tell the him or the families that are affected.  And the EPA they are useless. Our rights to clean and safe drinking water were stripped away by the republicans and the democrats. "On July 28, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 275 to 156 to approve the energy bill; on July 29, the US Senate voted 74 to 26 to approve it. And on August 8, 2005, President Bush signed the final bill into law."  And they voted again in 2009 against us. (They voted that Americans had no right to clean water, no right to safe drinking water, no right to clean air, you have no right to liability or compensation when the oil and gas companies destroy your wells or the water system in your house and you do not have a right to the Superfund law.)  

Jill Stein and Ajamu are saying  to all those people and people all over this country whom the establishment turned a deaf ear too all these years, “We hear you, We see you and You matter.”  The reason this election is so important is because for the first time the people in this country wanted to vote for someone other than the lesser of two evils. We the people wanted to take back this country because we want a government that actually works for the people who pay their salaries.  We are not living in a democracy, this is the illusion of a democracy it is not the real thing. We have people all across this country who are hurting as a result of the status quo.  And this is why a Third Party can win because we need radical changes and quantum leaps in education, healthcare, criminal justice reform, agricultural reform we need to overturn all those draconian laws and legislation the corporate puppets made against the people.  After all these years Victoria's voice and Frederick Douglass are still speaking across the centuries!









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