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WYDK Talk RAdio Live Broadcast. Some of you may already know we have started video taping the radio broadcast and posting them on line. So now the show will be avail be 24hr/ 7days at your to enjoy convenience.
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So many people don't know the importance of September 17 1887.  How can you defend your rights if you don't know what they are?  On September 17 1887 the Constitutional Convention signed the United States Constitution on  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The
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ia Sexy raw food and fitness It is commonly said that a gram of fat contains 9 calories. But there are 454 grams in a pound, and 9 x 454 = 4086 calories, not 3500.It is commonly said that a gram of fat contains 9 calories. But there are 454 grams in a p
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Let's talk Current Events
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It's one addiction that won't land you in court or an inpatient rehab. But sugar - as anyone who mainlines sweets can attest - can be just as habit-forming as cocaine.Researchers at Princeton University studying bingeing and dependency in rats have found t
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██████ ANSCHAUEN Il crimine non va in pensione   ██████ RUNTERLADEN Il crimine non va in pensione       Den Film runterladen Il crimine non va in pensione Solarfilme kostenlos keine Anmeldung   Io ho lasciato in pensione il cane che avevo fino all'
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      I found something that hit me at my core.  Years ago I did a paper for a presentation on Victoria Woodhull in 2008 when Hillary was running for president.  We had to do something different on a topic no one would know about. So I did research on the
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WHAT HAS THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS DONE FOR YOU LATELY?   For as long as I can remember we have been told we have to vote for the lesser of two evils.  I have an elder who is about to bust a blood vessel literally screaming at me saying "Hillary is our sav
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By Koldo Iglesias - Rise Like A Phoenix Download the track on my Soundcloud profile:https://soundcloud.com/koldo-iglesias... Recorded and Mixed: WideScream Productions (www.widescream.es)
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