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Picture this: It's 5:27 PM. You're hungry after a busy day at work, itching to get home to see your family, and now you're stuck in traffic. Frustration sets in. But you're used to it since this is an every day occurrence. So you finally stroll into your h
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After reading this, I hope you can still sleep well. Sleep-inducing medicines, popularly known as sleeping pills, have a reputation of helping people get some peace and quiet at night. Sleep deprivation is such a difficult condition to have since it litera
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A Million Bucks In Scholarships - I'm Not Kidding! Mention a million dollars in scholarships as few as ten years ago, and most university officials and everybody else would have laughed in your face. It won't happen today. There are two reasons why. Colleg
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It's one addiction that won't land you in court or an inpatient rehab. But sugar - as anyone who mainlines sweets can attest - can be just as habit-forming as cocaine.Researchers at Princeton University studying bingeing and dependency in rats have found t
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