No NON Program Sponsored Advertisements are allowed on this site! !

We Welcome all of our new subscribers to our site. Seing that we have had to remove several advertisments from the sections that are designated for profile information we want to make mention of a few rules.

1. Standard users and Promo users may not post any form of advertisements on this site. Although these features have been blocked we have had a few creative people attempt to post adds and urls to promote sites in thier profiles.

2. Our site security team checks dalily for unauthorized use and miss use of the site.We will give only one warning before your subscription will be suspended and IP blocked from this site. Consider this your one warning.

3. WYDK TV are Educational (non comercial) Public Televison Programs we rely on our sponsors support to enable us to provide quality programing. Allowing non sponsor advertisments is in volation of our Sponsorship agreements.

4. If you are interested in becoming a WYDK TV Program Sponsor go to the following link:

WYDK TV Sponsors



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