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Humanity has become so inhumane can we still call it human.

Profits have become rampantly more valuable than human welfare.

The divide between the have's and the have not's become increasingly wider each day. Less than 10% of people control all of the earths wealthy, media, and government policies.

Billions of dollars every year is poured into wars destroying live. A Fraction of that expense could end world poverty, provide much needed medial care or product clean sources of alternative energy.

Religions intolerance has become the number case of wars and death globally.

Yet they all teach GOD is loving kind and compassionate.

Species of wildlife are dying and becoming extinct at alarming rates. We have destroyed entire habitats for species that have existed longer than man has been on earth. What we haven't slowly killed by taking away every vital resource needs for survival we have blandly slandered for monetary gain.  Where has our priorities gone we don't live on this planet alone.  

Athletes and entertainers get paid more yearly than branches of government, teachers& schools, medical research and medical facilities. Everyone is blaming the governments for all our problems. We elected them and we voted to past the laws. What happened to individual sense of responsibility. I am not ashamed of my country I am ashamed of my species  human).

Humans will go down in history as the most self destructive creature to live on earth  and only species to destroy the earth. All for selfish gain.It all comes down to greed! When will enough be enough?

What have we as a people become? Where is our humanity?

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