We are almost finished the transfers from the old sites(25). It has taken us longer than I had planned  to transfer all 25 of the shows sites to the WYDK TV Community. Impart because we are still growing so fast. We are working aroung the clock to complete the transfers.

We now have over 22,000 members that we are still transferring to this site. Another 20.000 on twitter, 18.000 on Facebook and about 20,000 on YouTube. Best of all new members are signing up daily.

THANK YOU For your Support.

We are also in the process of launching the new Season of Programs. Which will be linked to this site with streaming audio and video for our viewers.. Last season we had 2,800.000 viewers on our sites online. Which prompted the need to move all of the sites to a cloud server platform. 

We plan to have all of the previously aired programs edited and archived for the internet and up loaded by the end of May.

We are looking forwards to a fantastic new season. Our goal is to have 1 million members by next year and 500,000 members by the  fall Season.

Thank You for your patients

A Frances

Executive Producer.


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