WYDK TV makes every effort to bring awareness to many great charities around the world.

We give free advanced membership to the following types of verified organizations. We do not affiliate ourselves with any political or religious organizations. All Non profits/ Charities are subject to approval at the sole discretion of WYDK Admin.

WYDK TV Supports only the following types of Nonprofits:

Humanitarian Organizations, Medical Aid, Medical Research, Wildlife Rescue, Animal Rescue, Conservation, Conservation of World Resources, Disaster Relief, Educational and Hunger Relief.

Non Profit/ Charities Advanced Permissions:

Wall Post Comment, Vote, Videos view, Videos add, Use board, Store view product, Store search, Store browse, Store add product, Sites view, Sites search, Sites add,Send greetings, Photos adds, Groups view group, groups search, Groups broadcast message, Groups add group, Forum search, Forum public read, Forum public post, Events view, Events search, Events add, Create polls, Comments vote, Comments post,Comments edit own, Blogs browse, Blog view, Blog post view, Blog post search, Blog post add, Avatar upload, Ads view Ads search, Ads add

If you are a non profit or know a non profit that may benefit by having their information available to our over 10,000,000 viewers and 5000 members. Have them sign up for membership under the Non profit organizations name and message WYDK Admin to get approval. It's that simple!

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