We have several new surprises for you! We love the new dedicated server!!!! We are still bringing in new equipment. Out with the old and in with the new. We have been way overdue to upgrades. We are hoping to have all the new equipment purchased, installed and everyone trained to use it by September.

We are relocating our main location.

The location we had originally planned to use is going to make things more complicated than they need to be.Too many egos, ulterior motives and backroom politics for my taste. So while everyone is busy scratching each other backs and what ever else we are going to take our clue to leave.

There are so many other locations that are far more welcoming. Better weather, easier access, a large variety of locations, more events, and so on.

My biggest interest was I could easily see how setting up a full TV studio, special events, celebrity guest, game shows and such could have made a big impact on the tourism and economy in this town and neighboring cities. There are really some fine and very talented people here.

 It a shame how a few can ruin things for many.

So we plan to be relocated by August and set up by September. In time for the New Season.

I'll keep you posted


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