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    Sodium fluoride for those of you who do not know is a deadly chemical found in rat poison. It was also used by the Nazis during World War II to make prisoners in the concentration camps more subservient to their authoritarian officers and Nazi regime.

    There is an interesting fact about sodium fluoride and how it was put in our tooth paste and water. The interesting fact would be that the Aluminum Corporation of America (ALCOA) came up with the idea to have it added to our water supply, rather than disposing it as a toxic waste. This idea was then sold to the public, as most of you know, by propaganda and propagandist stating the fluoride will protect your teeth, although studies point to the contrary. I find it interesting that an American aluminum company who provided the Nazi's with aluminum is the one who created the idea of fluoridating our water. I also find it interesting that they provided the Nazis with this product instead of providing us with the product. This just goes to show you that the war was funded by both sides and was for profit, control, and power. So, remember when you try to defend fluoride, that the idea to fluoridate your water was thought of by an aluminum company so, from what I gather, they would not have to dispose of fluoride as a toxic waste because of the cost, or other reasons. Please keep in mind that sodium fluoride is also the byproduct of aluminum.

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    No Garden? Here Are 66 Things You Can Can Grow In Containers.

    Tree fruits
    1. Apples
    2. Kumquats
    3. Avocados 
    4. Blackberries
    5. Blueberries 
    6. Pomegranate
    7. Cherries
    8. Figs
    9. Pears

    Citrus fruits
    10. Dwarf oranges
    11. Grapefruit
    12. Tangerines
    13. Meyer lemons
    14. Limes

    Tropical fruits
    Tropical fruits can also be surprisingly easy to grow indoors, even in non-tropical climates. Such as…
    15. Bananas 
    16. Pineapple
    17. Papaya
    18. Guavas 

    The real surprises
    19. Hops
    20. Aloe Vera
    21. Strawberries
    22. Tea (well, herbal tea)
    23. Quinoa!

    The non-surprises
    24. Tomatoes
    25. Summer squash
    26. Other squashes, like acorn and pumpkin
    27. Hot Peppers
    28. Sweet peppers
    29. Cucumbers

    30. Small cantaloupe
    31. Jenny Lind melon
    32. Golden Midget Watermelon

    33. Basil
    34. Oregano
    35. Parsley
    36. Rosemary
    37. Chives
    38. Catnip
    39. Thyme
    40. Sage
    41. Parsley

    Leafy Greens
    42. Kale
    43. Mesclun greens
    44. Spinach
    45. Swiss chard
    46. Lettuces
    47. Mustard greens
    48. Collard greens
    49. Arugula

    Root Vegetables
    50. Carrots
    51. Beets
    52. Potatoes

    Other healthy stuff
    53. Sprouts
    54. More sprouts: mung bean and lentil sprouts
    55. Wheatgrass
    56. Kohlrabi
    57. Turnips
    58. Rutabagas
    59. Celeriac
    60. Parsnips
    61. Jerusalem Artichoke
    62. Sugar snap peas
    63. Rhubarb
    64. Mushrooms 
    65. Pole Beans
    66. Asparagus

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    Eco friendly, smaller, efficient, home designs. Rethink the way we live!
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