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Legal Advisor
I received an A.B. in Economics from Harvard University in 1972, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1975. Present-day, I teach criminal law at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts as I focus less on private practice. …
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Executive Producer & Creator WYDK TV
Lifelong veteran in the Fine Arts & Entertainment world. It is a natural progression for Angelica Frances to become involved in Educational Television. Angelica Frances is a Senior Artist with A Living Rainbow Studios since 1998. Her work has been displayed in several Art Galleries, and her Mur…
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Executive Producer & Collaborator
Jackson Hamiter aka JAKZUN As the HEIR & namesake of the Founder of one of America's 1st Black-Owned self sufficient towns Ocoee  Florida and HEIR OF the true Founder of WYDK TV. WYDK TV owes Jazun a very special debt of gratitude. Had it not been for his years of mentorship and years of teach…
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