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Save 40%to 70% on High Quality Merchandise 

While Benefiting Local and World Charities!
Give gifts that keep on giving. Every sale is a donation. Everyone can make a difference.

If you are looking for:

 International Imports, Close Outs, Factory  Direct, Consignments, 

Eco- Friendly, Alternative Energy,  Natural Heath and Beauty, Vintage Items, 

Electronics and Gadgets, Hand Crafted Items, Fine

Art,Photography, Clothes, Fashions, Wedding Essentials, Fine Jewelry, Antiques

Collectibles, and more...

You are in the Right Place !

Angel's Odds N Ends is a 100% Eco-friendly company.

We are your premier source for today's hottest items the world's top designers and manufacturers of natural health & living, Eco friendly, energy alternatives and many other items.

Our unique inventory and controlled overhead allow us to offer a one of a kind shopping experience. We only work with companies that stand behind their products.

A bargain isn't a bargain if you are not buying quality merchandise!

We pride ourselves in offering Unique, Hard to Find,Imported, Hand Crafted, Eco-Friendly and Custom made t quality products at discounted prices. Most of our items you will not find in your local stores. Once you have tried our products you will never want to use anything else! We guarantee real value for your money. 

A Portion of EVERY SALE is donated to charitable organizations.

What We Believe

The principal of perpetual blessing is what we have based our services on successfully for years. No matter what faith or belief system you may have there is a universal law that in one way or another we reap what we sow, karma, the law do reciprocity etc… We aid a person or business, the person is better able to meet their need and lessens the demand of the charitable organizations. We aid the business and they donate to the charitable organizations that aid the needs of others and so on.

The headlines are full of charitable organizations needing more a funding because the need for their services has tripled in the last two years.

This is not just a local epidemic it is a worldwide pandemic. Some charities have reported as much as a 500% increase in demand for services. The other end of the reports state the charitable donations are down by 50% to 95%.

The new papers a littered with notices of organizations and business closing their doors. People are selling their prized possessions, family heirlooms, personal collections, for pennies on the dollar. To hopefully meet basic needs.

Together we can make a difference!


Angles Odds N Ends was originally started in 2005 as a supplement to Angelica’s Garden Natural Health and Living e- magazine.

The site maintained about 8000 hits per month. It averaged 6000 to 8000 emails a week .many people were asking were to buy these Healthy Living, Natural Heath, and Sustainable Living items we were talking about in the articles.

Unfortunately  genuine natural health and living items are often  hard to find. There are so many scams and snake oil sale men out there positioned to take unaware consumers money. Often times when real alternatives were found they were so expensive that the people who need them the most people could not afford them. 

Well we are solving both of those problems while benefiting World Charities.

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