Originally I wanted to produce a program about Life After 40+. So many things change in your life as you grow older. Profound changes that at times alter every aspect of your lifestyle  As we were developing the programs It became apparent that every age group experiences life altering changes. Age wasn't really the primary factor. The human condition was the catalyst for change.  

The only thing that is certain in life is that IT Will Change

Life has to keep changing for us to grow. It is designed that way. Always evolving and always growing. It how we deal with change has every bit as much affect of the outcome of the change as the change itself has on our lives.

Life changing events from: tragedies, milestones, rights of passage, births, divorces,chronic  illness, injuries, raising grand children, taking care of your parents do to illness or age,  and so on.

I thought of the many way by sharing our experiences  of triumphs and endurance we can help others to withstand the winds of change. The only thing that is certain in life is that it will change. For many of us change is very difficult. The unknown can at times be terrifying although it is necessary. When the smoke clears you may find yourself in places you never imagined. You may have found strength you never knew you had. You may have achieved thing you may never have dreamed possible. 

After much though  I have simply decided to call the program just:

WYDK: LIfe, After...?

Each person can fill in the rest with their stories and experiences. Like an educational form of Reality TV, Real People, Real Problems and Real Solutions. Real One on One Heartfelt Stories. That will inevitably change lives.

 WYDK® is a registered trademark of WYDK LLC

What We Believe

The only rule that there is no exception to is "Everyone has a story, a past and a journey".  AMF

 The only true way to measure the value of our progress is by the lives our journey has affected. Our past paths are stepping stones to our futures. It is important that we teach one another from our experiences. No matter your age or any other dividing factor.

WE all have something to TEACH and Something to LEARN

As long as we remember that we are never alone!


This is the newest of our programs to be aired although it was the first one I thought of when I was first asked to produce a TV program. I wanted to take my time to develope this one because of the raw real emotions involved. I truly hope the stories that we present herein will not only touch you deeply but transform you.

With All My Love,

Angelica Frances

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New Premieres: Fall 2013 Airs Spring 2014

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