All Creatures Great and Smalls has been an occasional segment of the WYDK TV Your World Program. There is so much that needs to be addresses  about the current state of the animals and other creatures earth wide. We have decided to develop a programs specifically to address these issues.

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What We Believe

We believe that all animals have an inherent right to be free and live unfettered by human dominance. The earth isn't only our home!

* Sadly, most humans continue to embrace animal slavery, animal torture, and animal murder. Billions of animals are killed every year in a premeditated, systematic massacre. We have treated animals as having value that is only relevant to human use.

* Animals are innocents and it is barbaric how humans have treated them.They deserve the same rights we demand.

I genuinely believe if most people really knew the truth about what is going on they would not allow it. I believe the human race and that it will come to it's senses redeem itself...Hopefully in time we will see and act upon the inhumanity of humanity.

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NEW Program: Premieres June 2013

All of WYDK TV Programs are NON Commercial Educational Programs. WYDK TV is able to produce quality relevant educational programs thanks to the support of generous Individuals, Business and Corporations. All levels of donations are very much appreciated.Thanks to the support of generous individual donors and corporations. All levels of donations are very much appreciated.

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