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With our WYDK Live Shows we hope to bring appreciation for the educational value of arts. Everything positive enlightening form of art from Live Events, Concerts, Art Shows , Performing Arts...etc...

There is no telling what the shows will be about or who will be on them.

You'll just have to tune in to see. 

The Arts and Arts Education is such a vital of human expression and spiritual vibration we had to have a show dedicated to true art. Because true are like the spirit transcends all barriers. It is apart of everything we do. It plays a vital role in cognitive development in young and old alike.

For example Music:

Music is the only activity that engages- stimulates 100% of the entire brain. The rest or the time the average person only uses about 10% of their brains. Music also enhances our ability to learn so many other things. 

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What We Believe

* The arts are a vital and under appreciated part of education, growth and development.

* The arts are vital to self expression. Having the ability to use creative ways to express your self teaches you how to be more creative and expressive in every aspect of life.

* True art is a spiritual journey a reconnecting. Born of the spirit and can only be received by the spirit. It awakens something deep inside. Something that connect us all.

* True art connect people and bridges all barriers. 

* The Arts and Artistic Expression are a vital part of human existence. It is a part of all forms of expression.


The Arts have always had a very special place in my life. Many of the top international performers over the last tree decades are members of our family and close personal friends. Through the years I have had the honor to share meals, holidays and other special events with some of the most incredibly talented people. There are no words to describe the privilege it has been to see them in their element and their freedom of creative expression. It is truly spiritual. 

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