W Y D K New is also named  "W Y D K in the News" because the majority of the footage used  has been filmed by the finest  New Crews from around the world.

As a videographer I know that there  are literally hundreds of thousands of hours of News video footage that has never been aired. A large amount of editing is required  to fit  video segments into network programming.

Approximately 75% of all video shot on any given subject ends up on the cutting room floor.

The real stories that affect you, your loved ones, your community," Your World", "Your Money", "Your Health", Your Rights" and "Your Safety" never get seen.

We are talking about the stories that affect you.

I think we have all had enough of the media lies, hype and fluff pieces. We need real information and real answers.

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What We Believe

We believe that the human race is more resilient than people may think. We can handle anything if we know the true of what we are really dealing with.

People have a right to know the TRUTH.

We believe that people have more in common that they think. No matter where you are from, your social class,religion, race or any of  preconceived barriers. We all have the same basic needs.


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    Polypharmacy: the use of multiple medications by a patient.

    "The human's 'desire to take medicine' carries, however, a price tag. Nature’s maladies are succeeded by iatrogenic hazards. 

    Arising out of a restorative instinct, polypharmacy becomes itself an affliction" 

    -- Kurt Kroenke (American Journal of Medecine 1985)

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    EDUCATON - is the most powerful weapon

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    You can tell a lot about a nation by the condition of the infrastructure. So what does our infrastructure say about us? It says that we are in a very advanced state of decay. At this point, much of America is being held together with spit, duct tape and prayers. Our roads are crumbling and thousands of our bridges look like they could collapse at any moment. Our power grid is ancient, and over a trillion gallons of untreated sewage is leaking from our aging sewer systems each year. 

    Our airports and our seaports are clogged with far more traffic than they were ever designed to carry. Approximately a third of all of the dam failures that have taken place in the United States since 1874 have happened during the past decade. Our national parks and recreation areas have been terribly neglected and our railroads are a bad joke. Hurricane Katrina showed how vulnerable our levees are, and drinking water systems all over the country are badly outdated.

    Sadly, at a time when we could use significant new investment in infrastructure, our spending on infrastructure is actually way down. Back during the 1950s and the '60s, the U.S. was spending between 3 and 4 percent of GDP on infrastructure. Today, that figure is down to about 2.4 percent. But of course we don't have any extra money to spend on infrastructure because of our reckless spending and because of the massive amount of debt that we have accumulated.

    While the Obama administration is spending more than half a million dollars to figure out why chimpanzees throw poop, our national infrastructure is literally falling apart all around us. Once upon a time nobody else on the planet could match our infrastructure, and now we are in the process of becoming a joke to the rest of the world.

    The following are 21 facts about America's failing infrastructure that will blow your mind:

    #1 The American Society of Civil Engineers has given America's crumbling infrastructure an overall grade of D.

    #2 There are simply not enough roads in the United States today. Each year, traffic jams cost the commuters of America 4.2 billion hours and about 2.8 million gallons of gasoline.

    #3 It is being projected that Americans will spend an average of 160 hours stuck in traffic annually by the year 2035.

    #4 Approximately one-third of all roads in the United States are in substandard condition.

    #5 Close to a third of all highway fatalities are due "to substandard road conditions, obsolete road designs, or roadside hazards."

    #6 One out of every four bridges in America either carries more traffic than originally intended or is in need of repair.

    #7 Repairing all of the bridges in the United States that need repair would take approximately 140 billion dollars.

    #8 According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, our decaying transportation system costs the U.S. economy about 78 billion dollars annually in lost time and fuel.

    #9 All over America, asphalt roads are being ground up and are being replaced with gravel roads because they are cheaper to maintain. The state of South Dakota has transformed over 100 miles of asphalt roads into gravel roads, and 38 out of the 83 counties in the state of Michigan have transformed at least some of their asphalt roads into gravel roads.

    #10 There are 4,095 dams in the United States that are at risk of failure. That number has risen by more than 100 percent since 1999.

    #11 Of all the dam failures that have happened in the United States since 1874, a third of them have happened during the past decade.

    #12 Close to half of all U.S. households do not have access to bus or rail transit.

    #13 Our aging sewer systems spill more than a trillion gallons of untreated sewage every single year. The cost of cleaning up that sewage each year is estimated to be greater than 50 billion dollars.

    #14 It is estimated that rolling blackouts and inefficiencies in the U.S. electrical grid cost the U.S. economy approximately 80 billion dollars a year.

    #15 It is being projected that by the year 2020 every single major container port in the United States will be handling at least double the volume that it was originally designed to handle.

    #16 All across the United States, conditions at many of our state parks, recreation areas and historic sites are deplorable at best. Some states have backlogs of repair projects that are now over a billion dollars long.

    More than a dozen states estimate that their backlogs are at least $100 million. Massachusetts and New York's are at least $1 billion. Hawaii officials called park conditions "deplorable" in a December report asking for $50 million per year for five years to tackle a $240 million backlog that covers parks, trails and harbors.

    #17 Today, the U.S. spends about 2.4 percent of GDP on infrastructure. Meanwhile, China spends about 9 percent of GDP on infrastructure.

    #18 In the United States today, approximately 16 percent of our construction workers are unemployed.

    #19 China has plans to build 55,000 miles of highways by the year 2020. If all of those roads were put end to end, it would be longer than the total length of the entire U.S. interstate system.

    #20 The World Economic Forum ranks U.S. infrastructure 23rd in the world, and we fall a little bit farther behind the rest of the developed world every single day.

    #21 It has been projected that it would take 2.2 trillion dollars over the next 5 years just to repair our existing infrastructure. That does not even include a single penny for badly needed new infrastructure.

    So where did we go wrong?

    Well, one of the big problems is that we have become a very materialistic society that is obsessed with short-term thinking. Investing in infrastructure is something that has long-term benefits, but these days Americans tend to only be focused on what is happening right now and most politicians are only focused on the next election cycle.

    Another major problem is that there is so much corruption and waste in our system these days. The government certainly spends more than enough money, but very little of that money is spent wisely. A lot of the money that could be going toward rebuilding our infrastructure is being poured down the toilet instead.

    For much more on this, please read my previous article entitled "16 Sickening Facts That Show How Members Of Congress And Federal Workers Are Living The High Life At Your Expense".

    Unfortunately, it is probably appropriate that our infrastructure is decaying because we are decaying in just about every other way that it is possible for a society to decay.

    We are decaying economically, politically, mentally, emotionally, physically, morally and spiritually.

    We are a complete and total mess. So why shouldn't what is happening to our infrastructure on the outside match what is happening to us as a nation on the inside?

    And sadly, we simply do not have the money that we need for infrastructure because of all the debt that we have piled up. The federal government, our state governments and our local governments are all struggling to stay afloat in an ocean of red ink, and unfortunately that means that spending on infrastructure is likely to be cut even more in the years ahead.

    So get used to rotting, crumbling, decaying infrastructure. What you see out there right now is only just the beginning.

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    Main stream Media is there to keep us entertained and distracted.

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