"The Science of It" is the most recent addition to WYDK TV. We needed a category for every kind of science. So many of our other programs rely on a brief explanations of the Science behind the subjects. We needed to add a program that dives right into the science behind the subjects. For those of you who want to know more.

Intelligent Minds Want to know!

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What We Believe

Understanding how things work helps us to beret relate to how we effect them and how they effect us. Cause and effect. If people had a better understanding of how our behavior has affected every r living creatures ability to survive, I believe more people would be more willing to make the needed changes.


All of WYDK TV Programs are NON Commercial Educational Programs. WYDK TV is able to produce quality relevant educational programs thanks to the support of generous IndividualsBusiness and Corporations. All levels of donations are very much appreciated. Thanks to the support of generous individual donors and corporations. All levels of donations are very much appreciated!


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