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There are so many critical current events that will have a devastating effect on life as we know it. It is vital more than ever to stay accurately informed. It is no longer a question if a change is going to come. It has already begun. The question is how are we going to adjust. What do we need to do to prepare. How do we protect and heal this world that sustains us. There are no easy answers. We have to start with truth.

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What We Believe

We at WYDK TV believe we as a race ( the human race) have so much more in common than is generally realized. Commonalities that transcend age, locations, beliefs, differences in cultures, gender and any other dividing factors.

One World One People working together for the greater good.

We all have to learning to live together or we will all die together. Not only destroying all possibilities for sustainable life for all peoples, but for every living creature on this earth.



W.o.e. 365 = What On Earth... are we doing!

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