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How can you exercise rights you don't know you have?  How can you obey the laws if you don't know or understand them? Ignorance of the Law is no defence and will not protect you. 

What You Don't Know Can Harm you?! You must know your rights! How can you defend your rights if you don't know what they are? How can you obey the laws if you don't know or understand them? Ignorance of the Law is no defence and will not protect you. 

 In our WYDK Your Rights programs we focus on the rights of the individual and Laws that affect the average citizen, and small business.


Bill of  rights, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Fair Housing Laws, Federal Medical Privacy Act, Health Information Privacy (HIPAA), Consumer Rights, California State Landlord Tenant Laws, Americans with Disabilities Act, FDIC Laws, and Disability Rights to name a few. 

It is our goal through the education of the public to empower individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and situations. To live proactive and not reactive lives. Greatly reducing the necessity of conflict. In those situations where conflict is unavoidable arming citizen with the information, they need to effectively resolve conflicts.

What We Believe

* Everyone should know and understand the laws that they are expected to obey.

* Every person should know and understand their Human Rights. So that they may also respect the rights of others. 

* Every person should know and understand their Civil Rights. So that they may exercise their civil duty to Vote on, and petition for or against the laws. To otherwise help create the laws so that no one group or organization can have total power.



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All of WYDK TV Programs are NON Commercial Educational Programs. WYDK TV is able to produce quality relevant educational programs thanks to the support of generous IndividualsBusiness and Corporations. All levels of donations are very much appreciated.Thanks to the support of generous individual donors and corporations. All levels of donations are very much appreciated.

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