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There are so many critical current events that will have a devastating effect on life as we know it. It is vital more than ever to stay accurately informed. It is no longer a question if a change is going to come. It has already begun. The question is how are we going to adjust. What do we need to do to prepare. How do we protect and heal this world that sustains us. There are no easy answers. We have to start with truth.

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What We Believe

We at WYDK TV believe we as a race ( the human race) have so much more in common than is generally realized. Commonalities that transcend age, locations, beliefs, differences in cultures, gender and any other dividing factors.

One World One People working together for the greater good.

We all have to learning to live together or we will all die together. Not only destroying all possibilities for sustainable life for all peoples, but for every living creature on this earth.


Established 1998 (originally a program radio)

All of WYDK TV Programs are NON Commercial Educational Programs. WYDK TV is able to produce quality relevant educational programs thanks to the support of generous IndividualsBusiness and Corporations. All levels of donations are very much appreciated.Thanks to the support of generous individual donors and corporations. All levels of donations are very much appreciated.

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    4. Floppy Disk Pencil Holder

    This pencil holder is also being sold on Etsy for $5.99. A great way to reuse those old floppy disks you can’t use anymore. Check it out here.

    Floppy Disk Pencil Holder (Red)


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     Nintendo Game Clock

    Does this bring back memories, or what? This cool little clock is being sold on Etsy by seller called GeekGear. They are being sold for $17.99, which is pretty good profit margin considering the old nintendo games can be bought for a couple of bucks. I love it!

    Nintendo Game Clock - Super Mario 3 Clock

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    Filing Cabinet Planter

    This old filing cabinet was purchase for $10 and remade into a gorgeous flower planter. The creator, Chad Kelly, saw one at a local nursery for $600 and decided to make his own. How cool is that?

    Thank you to DesignShare for the idea and the pictures.

    Old metal filing cabinets


    Yellow Filing Cabinet Planter

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    Send Your Trash to Terracycle

    Terracycle LogoAnother cool way to recycle your trash is to send it to Terracycle. This company will send you a free box and prepaid shipping label so that you can ship them your trash. For every piece of trash you send them, you accumulate earnings.

    Terracycle won’t send you a check directly, but you can send your accumulated cash directly to a charity of your choice. They are also partnered with Heifer International so you can even use your points to send a goose or baby chicken to an impoverished family. A great way to save the planet and help someone in need!

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