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Every cook knows the key to great tasting foods is getting the seasoning evenly all through the dish. For cooking meats this is a must have items. These are one of my favorite secrete weapons...I have two of them- AMF


List Price: $39.99
Price: $30.99
Save: $9.95

Stainless Steel 2-Ounce Seasoning Injection Pump Kit - - SAVE with SUPER SAVER SHIPPING - - 2 Marinade Needles Included, Great for Turkey Frying, Chicken, Roasts, Pork and Brisket - Barbecue Accessories for BBQ / Grilling Lovers - Inject Massive Amounts of Flavor Into Your Food with the Commercial Grade Syringe or Use with a Brine or Sauces

  • Just in time for the holiday season. The Cajun Elite marinade injector is on sale for the entire month and save even more with Super Saver Shipping. Buy 2 commercial grade Cajun Elite marinade injectors, and get Free Shipping with Super Saving Shipping. What a great deal!
  • MORE FLAVOR - A typical marinade only covers the outer portions of your meats so the flavors don't penetrate deep down, leaving you with a delicious barbecue on the outside that is unfortunately less savory on the inside. Our marinade injector takes care of this problem leaves your meats juicy and succulent.
  • NO WAITING - After using our marinade injector, you don't have to wait around to let your marinade sit and do its job. Since your marinade is already inside your meats, you can immediately cook them afterwards. Our marinade injector allows you to grill, smoke, broil or fry marinated meats on the fly.
  • NO FATS - Grilling/Smoking is already a healthy way of cooking because it doesn't use added grease and allows fat from the meats to drip out. Using the Cajun Elite marinade injector makes it even healthier because it takes away the need to use fats and oils in your marinade to keep the outer portions of the meat from dehydrating.
  • EASE OF USE - Using our marinade injector is very easy. Essentially, you just stick the needle into the meat and slowly press the plunger as you are pulling the needle out. To help the needle slide in more easily, you can coat it with some oil. Repeat the process, choosing evenly spaced spots around the meat to ensure that the marinade is evenly distributed.

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